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Take a look at the Australian Women's History Month website hosted on our companion site
Read The Lion and the Lamb, an original play about Richard I and Philip Augustus by Edith Cortland Lee. This is a wonderful play that takes you far beyond the characterizations of The Lion in Winter. Highly Recommended!
Par Gelosia Multiplication: Learn how to multiply using medieval methods!
Anglo-Norman Ireland: Read a quick overview of the events that shaped the beginning of the English relations with the Irish.
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If you are interested in adding to this site, or in finding out about the Tull Listserver, of which I am a member, please contact me.
About the Trivium...
The trivium, or the three roads (in Latin), consists of grammar, rhetoric, and logic. These are the rhetorical, intellectual, and literary exercises that form the lower division of the seven liberal arts. The quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music) comprises the higher.
In the medieval period (and hopefully still today) the study of the liberal arts was intended to promote intellectual development, rather than to gain knowledge of specific subjects, leaving students with the ability to continue their studies independently.
For more information about the trivium, check the sites listed below:

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Women's History Month
Join an international community to celebrate Women's History Month - March 2003. Discussions, chats, resources, and more.

Roy Juch's Tull Genealogy
If you are interested in learning more about the Tull family; you need to visit this site!

Labyrinth Medieval Studies
Sponsored by Georgetown University, this is one of the best sites for Medieval resources. Includes links to many primary sources.

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