Who am I?

I am Gillian Polack. I answer mainly to Gillian, but also to Dr Polack, Ms Polack, Miss Polack and "Hey, you". I sometimes answer to "Gillian Pollack" because people simply can't seem to get my name right.  'Polack' is not an insult in Australia and it is most definitely the correct spelling of my surname. I live in the centre of the known universe (Canberra, ACT, Australia).

I write, I think, I serve on committees, I teach. I am passionate about people, about books, about history.

I talk a lot. I dream a lot. The Middle Ages sneaks into my dreaming, and so does speculative fiction. Cooking sneaks onto my waistline.

I am not terribly fond of writing webpages about myself (I really prefer inventing stuff fictional - truth is such a shaky proposition sometimes), so I really want to say upfront that Tamara Mazzei is responsible for this being here and me having written it. She also tweaked it for me when it looked like a dog's breakfast.

Where I can be found

At the Australian National University, , at the University of Western Australia, (although I can't actually be found on campus there), and at the ACT Writers' Centre and in odd history, cultural and other locations.

I was a guest at Conflux  in 2008 and create the Conflux historical banquet menus each year. In 2009 it was a Southern Gothic dinner (Lake Charles, 1880s). 

If you want my daily doings or to chat, you might want to check out my writing-and-everyday-life-blog Even in a Little Thing . If you want to get in touch with me directly, please feel free to email

Some aspects of my life

About me

Bibliography of fiction by the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild

My writing - a quick reference list

My research

My life, from then till now

Some silliness

This is not the whole of my life. I have largely left family and friends out of these pages because they (mostly) deserve their privacy. Thanks to Natasha Pearson, my work experience student, for advice on making these pages more accessible.


  My books


Some more places you might find word of me or my doings:

Trivium Publishing

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